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Wire Rope Hoists Manufacturers In India

Manufacturer of Wire Rope Hoist in Ahmedabad

We are one of the largest wire rope hoist Suppliers in India. The premium range of wire rope hoists has an electric function that can raise and lower weights up to 160 tons. An essential upgrade that can make lifting large objects at your Ahmedabad, Gujarat, workplace easier is a wire rope hoist. These hoists are usually made out of a wire rope and pulleys called sheaves, which are just ropes with rim grooves to accommodate the wired rope.

You can also get full Explosion Protection with your purchase at Keshav Industries in Ahmedabad. In addition to helping you comply with industry standards and regulations, an adjunct apparatus for your wire rope hoist can give you complete confidence and peace of mind at your workplace by providing condition monitoring inside an explosion-protected environment. Call us if you need experts in high-quality engineering products, such as wire rope hoists as we are leading supplier and exporter.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists Manufacturer Ahmedabad
Electric Wire Rope Hoists Manufacturer Ahmedabad

What Is A Wire Rope Hoist?

A wire rope hoist is one of the most common tools for heavy lifting. It is used in heavy foundries, factories, and plants. They are electrically powered. They look somewhat like standard electric hoists. But, instead, they use steel chains to lift loads. This therefore can be used in quite a number of manufacturing plants. However, wire ropes have higher SWLs, or safe working loads. They are often better for heavy lifting than standard chain hoists. So, their popularity is fast-growing in industry today.

The advantages of Wire Rope Hoists Supplier

Many benefits exist in using wire rope hoists, which more often than not give them an edge over other hoists.Some of the benefits include:

  • May be Heavy duty lifting : Wire rope hoists are capable of lifting heavier loads due to the fact that the wire rope is manufactured using many wires. This means the weight of any load is spread among many different pieces of strong metal. While chain hoists can lift up to about 30 000 kg, some rope hoist systems can handle as much as 90 000 kg. This makes them much better suited for industries where heavy tracer lifting is necessary in many applications.
  • Its safety : Safety is yet another huge benefit that comes with this equipment. Multiple wires and strands ensure safety. If one breaks, others can still hold the load while lowering it.

Different Wire rope hoist systems

There are many different types of rope hoist systems used in industries today. These include standard headroom/monorail, foot or base mounted, and crab unit hoisting systems. While all are used to lift loads of different weights, they differ slightly in their application:

  • Standard headroom/monorail hoists : these hoists are used primarily in single-girder overhead crane systems, which should be used when there is no limitation on working height under the beam the hoist is mounted on. The hoists move independently on trolleys to lift and lower loads as needed.

Foot-mounted or Base-mounted Hoists: One of the most versatile tools in industrial applications

Hoists can be foot-mounted or base-mounted. They are useful units and find many uses in industries. They can be set to work as static hoists or as mobile lifting hoists. This depends on the nature and needs of the operation. They have many uses. They can be installed in gantry systems or mounted on trolley systems, including crab unit trolleys. Herein, we elaborate the main features, benefits, and uses of foot-mounted or base mounted hoists.

Key Features of Foot Mounted or Base Mounted Hoists

Static and Mobile Operations

Static Hoists do not move. They are designed to stay in one place. They lift and lower loads reliably in the area where they are installed. They do repetitive tasks all within a defined area. Mobile Hoists can move along a predefined path. They do this because they are mounted to a trolley or gantry system. This makes them more flexible and useful in more ways.

Mounting Options

Gantry Systems are overhead structures. They allow a hoist to travel along a set path. They are great for covering large areas in a factory or warehouse. These trolleys enable a hoist to move horizontally along beams. They also offer exact positioning and movement of loads.

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